Two Minutes: Respecting Time and Others


Respecting other people’s time entails respecting their schedule, personal and professional life, as well as their relationship with you. Moreover, it helps us manoeuvre various social borders, be it between managers and officers; parents and children; teachers and students; directors and actors; and so on.

Indonesia: Notes On Self-Appreciation


On a larger scale, learning how to appreciate will be impacted by external factors, such as our government, media, education, health system, and other country’s response. Wednesday’s election will influence the characteristic of the Indonesian people, including our ability to appreciate ourselves and our country.

PTSD Research: How scientific discoveries shape policy and culture surrounding mental health


Scientific discoveries are always a thrill, especially ones that further our knowledge of a particular condition. In one sense, researchers are now able to generate new treatment approaches based on the new evidence, however I wondered how this revelation would impact policies.

Biomarkers: Could this be the future of mental illness diagnosis

Biomarkers: Could this be the future of mental illness diagnosis

Biomarkers have become, somewhat, of a sliver of hope within the mental health paradigm. Generating optimism for what could be a more accurate method of diagnostic and determining treatment, biomarkers is often met with open arms. However, I appreciated the skepticism shown in the articles written by Singh & Rose (2009) and Lackan et al. (2010).